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Digital X-Ray Photography System(DR)EAGLE-DR50

High frequency high voltage generator:The purer quality X-ray, required lower doses of X-rays, while extending the life of the bulb to better protect the health of patients and health care workers, reflects the green design concept.
High heat capacity of the tube:Continuous ability to work significantly more than the same type of products, still its capability to cope with high load continuous shooting.

Omnidirectional electric U / C arm rack:
Beautiful appearance, flexible operation, real-time LCD display rack work state, with a key switch function Li lying, greatly reduces the operator's labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

High-quality digital X-ray detector:
High image resolution, rich layers, imaging speed. The detector uses a specially designed structure so that the imaging chip performance more stable, longer life, and does not require periodic calibration. No refrigeration system, no frost phenomena. 

Virtual grids technology:
TCL Medical System's patented technology, which is compared with the use of the devices in the traditional fixed grids, the image quality is better, and can be reduced by 1/3 of the X-ray dose to minimize radiation equipment for patients and health care workers and to extend the the life of the bulb. Virtual grids can not have the advantage of having a variable gate density, variable gate ratio fixed grids.
International standards DICOM3.0 interface

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