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PACS(Picture Archiving and Communications System)——Image storage and transmission systems and hospital information technology and digitization hospital's goals closely related, it is specifically for the modern hospital image management and design of, including digitized medical image acquisition, display, processing, storage, diagnostics, output management,query, comprehensive application of information processing systems, based on figures diagnosis (paperless, filmless technology) as the core of the whole image management process.



1.1 the world's most secure PACS

---- A cost of $ 40 million, which took three years to design dedicated to PACS server security stability of the system

---- Use the latest RAID6 disk technology dual redundant parity to protect data security

---- Embedding HIPAA security legislation to protect the security of patient information


1.2 Raid6 disk redundancy technology

The world's leading disk redundancy technology, can effectively protect the security of the data in the disk. Allows three disk damage without losing data. To maximize the protection of the integrity of the image data.

1.3 covers the hospital-wide information system shared

All imaging equipment, image,

All diagnostic imaging information

Anywhere in the hospital can be accurately and clearly show.

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