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Ultrasound SystemZ.ONE(Zonare Z.one)

Product Description

Z.one Ulter is a high-end whole body color ultrasound diagnostic system, which uses the domain scanning technology and chip array technology revolutionized the traditional imaging modalities; abandon the physical channel information transmission, line-by-line scanning and fixed focus focus modereal-time scanning of domain and domain imaging brings the most true reflection of the ultrasound image; obtained in the area of machine design the 2007 KLAS competitions, won two first image quality and ergonomic design; and the year in 2007 and 2011Medical Imaging product innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan, the prize is awarded in significant innovative contributions in the field of medical imaging products;


1、the chip array technology (Chip Matrix Technology)
2、the domain scanning technology (Zone Sonography Technology)
3、the speed of sound match the imaging technique SSC (Sound Speed ​​Correction)
4、global focus technology CTF Continuous transmit focusing)
5、in one machine (can be as a desktop, can also be used as a portable machine)

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